A Few Data Points helps organizations and data scientists build data science products together.
We pair companies and non-profits with big ideas with our open community of machine learning and data science enthusiasts to create impactful data science products.
Learn Together
We provide data scientists with practical, applied data science experience.
Experiment and Apply
We implement cutting-edge approaches to problems in real-world settings.
Create Software
We aim to release open source, useful, and impactful software to benefit everyone.
We're on the lookout for interesting projects. If you have ideas you're interested in pursuing, send us an email: hello@afewdatapoints.com
Our team is multi-disciplinary and comprised of Kaggle Grandmasters, artificial intelligence experts, developers and designers.
Xiaozhou Wang
Data Science
Jeff Park
Sheldon Ketterer
Graham Erickson
Artificial Intelligence
Jiwei Liu
Data Science
Interested in joining our community? Send an email to hello@afewdatapoints.com.